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November 9, 2016

Televerbier dropped the news today; they will open Lac de Vaux this Friday!!! And apparently, with more than 30cm over the Attelas, there are high chances that more tracks will be open, depending on next days weather.

Televerbier said that they took significant advantage of this week cold temperatures, allowing them to produce a vast amount of artificial snow. For the moment as we could expect, the resort will only be open during weekends, which is a shame for Locals who could have enjoyed a more peaceful environment without all the crowd. There is always the option of skinning up, but if you are working and only have a 1.5-2 hours break, pull out your split might be too much hassle, maybe with another 50cm I could think about it.

Bruson will be opening from the 15th of November, but only to ski clubs and competitions. We all love it with those hidden tracks in the trees, silence and fluffy pow. Can’t wait for the season to start!


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