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The Future of Hospitality Summit @ Les Roches

November 4, 2016

Last weekend I was invited by Le Roches to participate and talk to their 2nd Edition of the Future of Hospitality Summit. When they called me mid-summer, I was extremely surprised, excited and really really nervous. They wanted me to talk to their students about all the difficulties and challenges I encountered while trying to create a startup.

At first, all this got me thinking how and what a simple Mixologist/Developer like me could say to 50 students who are attending one of the best Business school on the planet. What could I possibly say that one of those highly educated professors haven’t already? The more I thought about it, the more I understood their concept: if someone like me with no fancy degree were able to focus and put all his energy into a project or idea, for them, with the background they would have, it should be a piece of cake. So I decided to give my honest opinion, how I have approached situations, overcome problems and why I have chosen to do something like this instead of simply enjoying a pretty decent and secure salary at the end of the month.

I definitely regret not having finished uni, but I believe (maybe wrongly) that between theory and practice there is a big difference, and also that there are things in life you can’t be thought, you either have them, or you don’t! I envy those students because of the incredible opportunities and experiences they will make in that three years journey but doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t make the same mistake I did or get everything right from the beginning. Here is where I jump in, with my first-hand experience, my bad choices and also my GOOD ones.

The whole event was organized and managed by those same students and seeing that incredible attention to details, the enthusiasm of all the participants, simply made me realize how great the concept of that school is. Not only students will have a chance to experience every single job of the hospitality industry and chose which one suits them best, but they will also have a better understanding of the difficulties and problems that every division encounters.

Overall it was a really pleasant and enjoyable experience that thought me quite a few things just by observing and listening others people ideas and concepts. Maybe in another life, if I ever have a couple of hundred thousands of francs I will have the same opportunity!

Well done Students!


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