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Winter is ON!

November 13, 2016

Picture by Yves Garneau

What a Weekend!!! Saturday was absolutely a blast, beautiful weather with the sun shining all day! Lots and lots of people coming from down the valley to enjoy the first day of the season. The parking lot in Le Chable was packed of cars with license plates from Geneva and Lausanne since super early morning, guess everyone wanted to get the first lift up and check the conditions.

Let me tell you, considering that last year we had the first snow on the 31st of December, we definitely can’t complain! Lac de Vaux 1 and 2 were open, and also Attelas all the way down to Ruinettes. I don’t think people were expecting this much snow and many were not equipped with full “off pist” gear.


This is a picture by Xavier de la Rue who captioned it like this : “I came up with no helmet, no transceiver…and got up there seeing everyone dropping in all over the place! I couldn’t resist…very bad example – a very decent base for November!”

Xavier is a Local and a three-time Freeride World Tour champion, this is his backyard, he knows a thing or two. We saw quite a few people go ride Col de Mines without helmets, and although it is quite a simple run, at this time of the year it is still pretty sketchy with rocks and shallow parts with just barely enough snow to make it look white. Guess everyone went home safe since no helicopter was cruising over Verbier.

All this leave us with big expectation for the next week, and since it is snowing again right now, we won’t be disappointed!

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